What you are about to read was provided by the good people at Shaye Collezioni. You can shop online at Shayecollezioni.com. Living in a condo has many advantages over living in a detached home, especially if you own the property. Condos in Toronto waterfront neighborhoods offer spectacular views from higher floors along with in-building amenities like gyms and pools. Plus you don't have to worry about maintaining the exterior of your home - the building management takes care of that for you. But does choosing a condo mean having to live in a big city? Not necessarily.

If you look at a multiple listing service, you will notice that most of the condo real estate available for sale is in big cities. Toronto, London, New York City, Austin, Seattle - anywhere the population density is high you will find condos. However if Toronto homes are too rich for your blood, there are other places you can find this type of real estate now that so many people have decided they'd rather have a condo instead of a detached home.

The most obvious place to look for condos is in the suburbs that surround big cities. Buying a Mississauga condo instead of a Toronto condo will cost just over half as much, which means you can put your savings back into something else - like a vacation or a new car. Additionally suburban condos can still be found in high rise format, so sometimes you can get one with a fantastic view of the skyline of the city you live just outside of and enough features to make you forget you have a long commute.

Even smaller cities that are not within commuting distance of a big city are starting to see the value of having some condo real estate. Often people just moving to town don't want to commit to a whole house and people who are retired no longer want to worry about the maintenance. The solution, then, is condos. If you look at London real estate listings, you will find that this smaller Ontario city has many condo complexes, though few are of the big city high rise format. In smaller cities, condos tend to be low to medium rise.

Another likely place to find condos is in smaller towns that act as vacation destinations for all or part of the year. Towns up and down the Florida coast are riddled with condo developments such as those at Gulf Coast Rentals even though their year round populations could never support such developments. Vacation condos are more like Liberty Village condos in that they're in low rise complexes on the edges of beaches and golf courses to entice visitors with the view. Many are also sold as time shares so that more people can afford a vacation home for part of the year.

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